5 Facts about Autonomous Cars and the Future Behind Them

Technology is significantly advancing nowadays. Every day, we get to hear about a new discovery. Come to think of the next two decades. What will our generation talk about? Expect more to come in the current buzz about the autonomous cars. In case you just heard about them, below are some of the facts you should know about the autonomous cars:

1. New cars need new rules

Every existing sector in the globe has its set rules and regulations that govern its operations. Therefore, the introduction of autonomous cars will also call for new rules. However, the challenge arises as to who will take the responsibility in the cases of accidents or software failures? What specifically should we expect to be constituted in the rules?

2. Self-driving cars call for new virtual maps

To efficiently operate, autonomous cars will demand new virtual maps. Virtual maps are not a duck soup to construct, and hence a lot of effort will have to be put in place to make it a success. Coming up with new virtual maps will require more capital and labor, and this might become a significant challenge for the developing nations. Additionally, to effectively come up with the virtual maps, the Geospatial experts will have to undergo additional training. This might also cost some amount of money.

3. Privacy will be an issue

As the number of autonomous cars increase, privacy issues may arise regarding the collection of personal information. Autonomous cars are made to capture various types of data, which they send afterward to Google. This may include the speed at which you are driving your car, the mileage covered and the destinations reached. This can be a challenge to user-security as it will be easier to locate a vehicle. Also, how do we guarantee a person’s right to privacy when we keep on monitoring them? Some people just find it downright offensive to be watched, and therefore, would not consider having an autonomous car.

4. Self-driving cars will have to make ethical decisions involving life and death

Human beings are usually given the benefit of the doubt regarding moral decisions. They are capable of making important decisions in a manner that upholds the virtue of life. Computer-based vehicles have, however, raised a concern regarding the ethical decisions. Many people are now asking themselves whether the autonomous cars will have the ability to pardon the life of a human being for another object of a less significant value.

5. Subject to hacks

We should acknowledge the fact that technology is still subject to hacks and theft. In as much as we will enjoy the benefits associated with autonomous cars, we will have to consider hacking as one of the major challenges. What happens when your car’s direction of movement gets diverted by hackers? You might end up losing your car, or even your life!

Autonomous cars will still have to pass various tests to gain acceptance in the current world. As we see, there are several issues which still arise such as the security and privacy concerns. Coming up with new rules will also prevail as a challenge. However, we cannot resist technology just because of the challenges and, therefore, we will have to make more sacrifices to succeed.

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