The Price of Solar Has Dropped 58% in the Last 5 Years

58 Percent Cheaper

According to a recent report by Australian non-profit the Climate Council, solar energy is now cheaper than retail power in most capital cities in Australia, with prices dropping 58 percent globally in the past five years. With costs expected to drop between 40 to 70 percent more by 2040, we can only expect a rise in adoption and usage in that country and others around the globe.

Image Credit: Council Council

“We are seeing more and more industrial-scale solar coming online across the country and the world. Hospitals, airports, farms and a variety of other businesses have embraced smarter and cleaner power,” Greg Bourne, expert Councillor with the Climate Council, told SBS.

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The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Ramping up Attacks on Electric Cars

On the Rise

Renewable energy has become increasingly popular as its applications have broadened. One particularly concrete application exists in the realm of transportation. Electric cars are well on their way to replacing traditional, gas-dependent models, according to several studies. Aside from helping keep the environment clean by reducing transportation’s carbon footprint, electric vehicles could also save the government billions of dollars, and revolutionize household energy generation and consumption. It could also be a very lucrative business move for the automobile industry.



Contrary to popular belief, the electric vehicle market isn’t limited to Tesla. There are other companies keen on contributing to this growing industry — although Elon Musk’s company does seem to be leading the charge.

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The Danger of Rising Sea Levels

Photo take by Howard Lake
Photo taken by Howard Lake

Sea level rise literally means a rise in the sea level. Sea level rise serves as an indicator that the Earth is warming up. There are a lot of factors that contribute to rising sea levels. However, basically, this is the resultant effect of two contributory mechanisms. The first of these mechanisms is thermal expansion and the other is the melting of land ice. Thermal expansion is the ability of matter to alter its area, shape and volume in response to changes in temperature, through heat transfer. As the Ocean Heat Content (OHC) increases, the sea level rises due to thermal expansion. Ocean water expands as it becomes warm. The second explanation for the rising sea level is the melting of major land shores of ice such as ice sheets and glaciers.

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The Earth’s temperature is rising

Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index
Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index, Credit: NASA/GISS

The temperature of the planet has risen to unprecedented levels in the last 1,000 years. This makes it very likely that some parts of the globe will have limited chances of survival for humans. It is further unlikely that the agreed temperature by the league of nations will be reached as per report by a renowned NASA scientist. 2016 experienced the highest scorching heat of the sun with global temperature going above the levels that were experienced in the 19th century. A new mark of heat was attained in the month of July for the first time since year 1880. The existence of humans and other wild animals under the sun is facing a perilous uncertainty from the rising temperatures.

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Stephen Hawking just gave humanity a due date for finding another planet. It’s 1000 years.

If humanity survives the rise of artificial intelligence, the ravages of climate change and the threat of nuclear terrorism in the next century, it doesn’t mean we’re home free, according to Stephen Hawking.

The renowned theoretical physicist has gone as far as providing humanity with a deadline for finding another planet to colonize: We have 1,000 years.

The Washington Post, published on November 17, 2016.

Stephen Hawking, the name that requires no introduction, has given a gentle warning to the whole race of humanity that we probably have only 1000 more years left on earth, and setting up new colonies on some other planets in the Solar System is the only thing that could save the race. Hawking’s estimation did not even consider the devastating global climatic challenges and nuclear capabilities of ready to war nations. He believes that we soon are going to encounter our enemies, whom we’re not even close to knowing how to deal with.

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