Why You Should Care About Nukes?

Nuclear Power Plant

It is widely believed that there are 15,375 nuclear weapons in possession of 9 countries. The overwhelming majority of nukes is owned by the United States or Russia as each of these two countries have more than 7,000 weapons. Such a number of nuclear weapons which can release their deadly power is quite scary, don’t you think? Sometimes, it is being said that the global nuclear stockpile is so huge that it can destroy the Earth itself. In fact, it is not that bad, the energy hidden in all of our nuclear weapons is equal to 25% of the energy of the big tsunami. But it is where the optimism ends. In the case of a global nuclear conflict, in which superpowers will decide to release their warheads, environmental damage will be so huge that the global apocalypse will be inevitable and the life as we know it today would certainly come to an end.

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