Do we really need autonomous cars?

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Autonomous means having the capability to self-govern. Autonomous refers to good performance under specific uncertainties in the environment, for a period of time and the ability to compensate for the system failures without any external intervention. These cars are automobiles that have the capacity of apprehending the environment and mapping in it without any instruction by humans. They can perceive their surroundings using variety of skills that includes Odometry, radar, GPS and lidar. These facilitated control systems elucidate information to judge navigation paths and any obstacles or important signage. These cars have sensors, which have the capability of analysing sensory data to differentiate between numbers of cars on road.

What was the idea behind the manufacture of autonomous cars?

These cars were a dream of car designers and were made with an ambition of giving roads and travelling, a new outlook. These cars were designed to bring fiction out of the books and give them an existence, and let the people see the world running with the help of robots.

These cars were able to reduce accidents to a great extent, thus reducing demises and wound and the related cost that one needs to bear. It was also helpful in getting down the traffic congestion, supporting the movements of the elderly and disabled people. It also helped in relieving the travellers from managing both driving and navigation all that one time.

As the usage of telephones and mobiles during driving has become a major cause of concern, such driverless cars give you the scope to text and communicate even when you travel without the fear of meeting any kind of accident.
Other benefits for the users are that they are able to save the labour cost and reduce the fuel consumption, thus increasing the level of the savings that could have been done. Freely moving around for hours, having more time enjoyment and work, these cars also support the reduction of pollution in air and carbon footprints on the roadside.

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Are autonomous cars boon or bane?

In spite of being so helpful, they are still the target of criticism due to certain obstacles that might be faced while riding the vehicle. One of the major obstacles is the time required to convert a non-autonomous vehicle to an autonomous one.
Another reason for the low popularity or the disapproval towards accepting the autonomous vehicles is the fact that people were not able to trust what the driverless cars could be like and the implications with regards to the legal set up and the rules by government and regulations in regards to self-driving cars.

Due to the sudden increase in the sales and adoption of autonomous vehicles, there is a threat to the jobs of the people working as drivers. The automobile industry may also be put to losses as technology makes certain aspects of these occupations obsolete. There is a major risk to data privacy and fear of getting hacked is also making things clumsy. These vehicles also put forward the risk of terrorist attack. Self-driving cars can be used to upload explosive and export bombs.

There are many more reasons how autonomous cars can be useless. We did a comprehensive and came up with a series of articles. This article that you just read is part one of the four articles of this series. In order to navigate to other articles of this series on please click on the following links:

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