Elon Musk elaborates on his A.I. concerns


Various publications are on record about the concerns that Elon Musk has over the hazards of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). However, the business mogul, who is credited with founding SpaceX and Tesla, indicates that he is worried of only one company out of all that are currently involved in developing self-aware computers. He is of the opinion that people should just spend their little time in trying to develop applications that will change the world even in the smallest magnitude. Elon Musk is the pioneer of various companies, such as Solar City, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors, all of which carry his vision of changing the world and the human life at large.

Elon Musk talks with Sam Altman about his view of the future and what people should work on. A very interesting moment comes later in the interview where he elaborates on his fear surrounding AI.


His mind is full of innovation, invention, engineering and management. He does not consider himself to be a businessman, even though he admits that whatever he develops is sold out. He has his eyes trained on a super speed system of transportation, which is referred to as the Hyperloop. He also suggested the development of VTOL, which is a high speed jet aircraft that is propelled by electric fans. This jet will be called the Musk Electric Jet.

Problems that Elon Musk thought of when young

Elon Musk is very open to handle questions from Sam Altman and he does not shy away from airing out his views since he believes that he is dedicated to helping human beings live a better life. He developed his ability to invent and create wonder-working technological innovations while he was young.

He is of the opinion that everyone has the ability to create something that will add value to people. He says that it does not have to be a complex thing but even a simple game or an improvement in sharing of photos could go a long way in assisting people to solve their daily problems. Innovation does not have to be very sophisticated, but can be rather simple and yet can affect people in a very huge manner. He says that A.I. is an invention that has really changed the life of humans and it will be felt in posterity. He advocates the advancement of A.I. in a positive manner. He, however, faced his main challenges when he was around twenty one years old.

  1. He was critical on how A.I. shall affect humanity in the years to come. He says that if something is known to have the potential to go bad, then it can be corrected well in time with the intervention of A.I.
  2. Genetics: If one can solve genetic diseases and prevent transmission of the same through the use of various applications and genetic programming, then this would be a deal of a lifetime and a wonderful invention. Genetics has to do with a very strong interface with the brain.

Elon Musk says that the revolution of A.I has the answer to the extension of human life as well as the extinction of the same. When Elon was asked about what he did while he was young and something that he is proud of, he asserts that he focused on making life easier through internet, genetics, & A.I. He says that the electrification of cars was a major breakthrough. Moreover, energy storage, Internet Company, and technological advancements are the areas that he is proud of. He says that he was trying to be useful in life. Elon is of the opinion that people don’t need PhD’s to be useful. You can invent a small thing that will affect a big number of people; or invent a big thing that will affect a small number of people. Elon acts in spite of fear and his fear is overcome by the urge to find a solution, for instance SpaceX.

Elon’s fear about A.I.

He asserts that A.I. is not presumptive but predictive. As such, A.I. is the best available alternative. He fears that A.I. could face challenges in future.

  1. It is hazardous since there is no single company that has control over A.I. A dictator could arise and claim that they have control over A.I., which is a dangerous scenario.
  2. Moreover, he fears that A.I. could be restricted in movement yet it was created to be a democratic technology.

Elon opines that A.I. should be merged with technology, though the issue of bandwidth is an issue. A.I. is expected to reduce the risk of external harm for all.

photo credit: jurvetson Elon Musk at the 2016 Tesla Annual Shareholders’ Meeting via photopin (license)


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