The Benefits of Robotic Building Technology against the Reverse Effect

Robotic Arms
Robotic Arms

We are all aware of the buzz about robotic building technology. Most companies and individuals are now eager to explore the use of robots due to the benefits associated with them. Robots are slowly taking over the current market, and soon, there might be no place for human labor. However, shall we always expect the robotic machines to be more competitive to humans in every field? In our discussion, we shall give you an insight of what might transpire in the event we give these machines a chance to dominate our job market.

Job Crisis

The adoption of robotic building technology will result in the loss of jobs for many people who are employed to work in industries and other technology-related fields. With the introduction of robots, there will be no need to have human workers due to the fact that robots will discharge their duties much more effectively than the humans. For instance, in the construction sector, robots will be used to build houses. And since they are faster and reliable, many clients or homeowners might even fully resort to their use and therefore, end up not hiring human labor at all. Moreover, robots will have definite lead in constructing more houses within a short period of time with some of them taking only a couple of days to complete the construction of a house.

Although the process might appear to be effective in terms of cost and time, there are a number of possibilities of it posing some negative effects on nature. For example, the construction of a new building usually requires some time to be compatible with the ground. This task is quite easily possible when human labor is involved in the process. However, the speed that the robots shall potentially offer might make the task almost impossible to be done properly; unless people pause the construction work purposely (pausing the work might lead to an economic threat to the builders due to the rising prices of almost every commodity nowadays. Due to this, even the builders might have a tendency to overlook this task).

What if technology fails?

Robotic building technology will discourage some engineering and technical courses as it will be needless to study them because, in the long run, they won’t be needed to be applied anywhere by us. Conversely, this will have the benefit of reducing the number of courses offered in our universities, hence reducing the jamming. It will also save the governments and institutions, the cost of installing sophisticated equipment for learning the technical courses. However, the result of students shying away from technical courses can prove damaging. What if technology fails? Who will save the day? This is one of the other looming crises that we might experience with the complete adoption of robots.

Lack of Creativity

Robotic building technology cannot limit the room for the human mind. It is the human mind, which has created robots having digital minds. And their digital mind makes them far more specialized than us. Human beings will not necessarily have to strain their minds to come up with a proper architectural design. Robots shall have a tendency to come up with the so-called “perfect ideas” to build homes each time, resulting in a lack of diversity in terms of creativity. As a result, the world might become a boring place with almost same patterns and designs everywhere.

Robots Lack the Wealth of Experience

Human minds are not subject to upgrades as compared to robotic machines. In the event a robotic machine gets obsolete or wears out, it can be upgraded by installing new software to improve its efficiency. However, one must not forget the fact that they do not learn from their mistakes. Instead, they tend to commit the same mistakes again and again, unless updated by a new program.

Despite the numerous advantages associated with robotic building technology, there are some serious challenges which must be addressed for this technology to be a success. We should not be overwhelmed by the urge to cut on costs and to construct buildings hastily as this may have some dangerous long-term repercussions.


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